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PMB Fitness clients are happy, satisfied, loyal and fit. Many of our clients tell us how much they love the personalised experience that our one-to-one personal training sessions provide. We hope that their success serves as an inspiration to you.

pmb fitess personal training testimonial

Age 55, Solicitor

I was never somebody who cared dramatically about my shape, but realising that 10 years had passed where I was to all intents and purposes 'overweight', I decided to do something about it.


I contacted Perry in July 2017 with the goals of weight loss and improving my fitness in mind, and I couldn't be happier with the results so far. Having spent the last decade fluctuating between sizes 18 and 20 , I've now lost 28lbs and am the proud owner of a size 12 dress which actually fits (well, just!). I could not rate Perry more highly. Nor could I fault his methods of training and motivation.


His humour, kindness and dedication make sessions fun and entertaining, and this, combined with the joy of seeing the pounds fall away, is why training with Perry is fast becoming a highlight of my week.

If you were thinking of enlisting the help of a personal trainer, you could not find one better than Perry.

pmb fitess personal training testimonial

Age 32, Full-time Mum 

I am not sure I can put into words how brilliant Perry is and just how much he has done for me. I have been training with Perry for over two years now and I hope he will continue training me for many more to come! I have a long standing injury which not only did Perry take the time to research thoroughly, he also makes sure I never do anything that may cause further damage.


He is funny, motivating and kind. Last May I gave birth and Perry helped me lose my baby weight plus some! He is also brilliant with my son who tries to interrupt every training session we do at home lol!

Perry is so much more than my personal trainer, he is now also my friend. I cannot recommend him enough.

pmb fitess personal training testimonial

Age 53, Senior Lecturer 

I strongly recommend Perry as an intelligent and highly expert personal trainer who takes a personalised, holistic and thorough approach to assisting you meet your fitness, diet, exercise and life-style goals.


Perry meets you where you are at both in terms of coming to you at your home or work place, and carefully tailors everything he does with you to your goals, level of fitness and abilities.


He provides systematic and motivating feedback on progress. In addition to my significant weight loss, my posture has improved and I have more energy in my day to day life … Perry is a rare find.

pmb fitess personal training testimonial

Age 33, Engineering

I was training for a number of years with no real results so decided to get help from a Personal Trainer. I came across Perry’s Instagram page and was inspired by his creative workouts.


Since training with Perry he has showed me the correct way to train towards my goals of increasing my strength and adding lean muscle. He also worked with me regarding my food preferences and created a personalised nutrition plan to follow that suits my lifestyle.

pmb fitess personal training testimonial

Age 47, Managing Director 

After putting on 10kg in the space of a year. I decided enough is enough and went about getting the help from an experienced personal trainer. I was introduced to Perry through a close friend that trains with him. I cannot recommend his services highly enough, from our consultation he looked in depth at my entire lifestyle and pinpointed areas which I could work on improving.


He identified that I needed to create time within my busy schedule to exercising, helped with my understanding in making healthier nutritional choices and explained why and how all exercises we do in our sessions would help me to reach my weight loss goal.


I have been training with Perry for just over 6 months (since Feb 2018) and I’m absolutely thrilled with my progress so far …. I’ve lost over 8kg and have more muscle definition in my physique. 

pmb fitess personal training testimonial

Age 44, Recruitment Manager

Perry has been very supportive and motivating. He is genuinely invested in my weight loss progress and has clearly set out a structured guideline for me to follow with my training and nutrition.


I currently train twice per week with him and even though each session is extremely challenging he manages to push me past my limits so I can get the most out of my workouts.... 8 kilos down , another 4 to go!

pmb fitess personal training testimonial

Age 42, Investment Banker 


If you're thinking about training with a professional I highly recommend Perry. He's been helping me get into shape and I couldn't be happier with the results. I'm more than 5 kilos lighter and have visible muscle definition in my physique. I was hesitant at first, however after booking the trial session I wish I'd done it sooner.


Perry made me feel very comfortable and helped me understand what I could achieve. Perry’s sessions are tailored specifically to me and he keeps track of my progress. For those few times when I've gone off the rails he explains in simple terms the effects and what I need to do to get back on track. If you follow his advice you'll see incredible results in your body and mental well-being.

pmb fitess personal training testimonial

Age 37, Software Developer 

I was clearly stuck in a rut when it came to exercise. I'd convinced myself that certain exercises just didn't suit me and that my body shape was set. Patiently, calmly and with great humour, Perry has opened my eyes to a whole new range of training activities that are both fun and have delivered real results. I can feel the improvements in my core strength all day, every day. The back pain has gone, I have more energy and I am pretty sure that I even sleep better. If the work schedule would allow it, I would train with Perry every day.


I would recommend everybody just gives it a go - it has been a real revelation for me.

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