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We believe that healthier employees can lead to a healthier workforce. As your health and fitness partner, we can help provide your staff with the necessary support, advice and guidance to help them enjoy healthier and happier lives with our 'Fit for work' corporate wellness programme.  


Your employees are your biggest asset and keeping your workplace happy and most of all motivated is key to running a successful company. An employee benefits program has been proven to bring workplaces together to run more effectively and efficiently and also provide a better working environment. We work closely with your organisation to identify the factors that impact your people’s ability to contribute to your organisation. We can come to your workplace and get your employees active and healthy through a wide range of services we provide .


Sessions can include any of the following types of physical activities :


  • Circuit / HIIT

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Boxing

  • Bootcamps

  • Running

  • Abs and core

  • Team fitness challenges and games

  • Mobility and posture improvement exercises 




We also provide a large range of workshops and seminars on how employees can keep an active and healthy lifestyle in the workplace and at home. Topics include: 

  • Keeping active and living healthy

  • Nutrition for health

  • Reducing stress

  • Posture and mobility

  • Importance of hydration

  • Rest, sleep, recovery

  • Motivation and productivity



6 reasons to to choose our 'Fit for work' corporate fitness programme: 


  1. Increase productivity and morale

  2. Reduce staff absenteeism from illnesses

  3. Reduction in employee turnover

  4. Improved corporate image

  5. Increase potential for recruitment

  6. Deliver a positive return on your investment

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