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According to the Health and Social Care Information Centre one in 10 children was obese at the start primary school in England in 2014 but one in five was obese by the end. Many schools are implementing a range of initiatives to combat the obesity problem encourage healthy eating habits and these include free healthy school meals and free fruit programmes. 


Tackling childhood obesity is a global priority, and in many countries schools are playing an increasing role in getting students active. But with a packed curriculum, exam pressures and limited resources, inventive thinking is crucial to getting students moving.

PMB Fitness have been working with the Houndsfield Primary School in Edmonton North London this year to get children age 6-11 more active. The programme includes one hour session on Tuesdays 3-4pm which is packed with activities such as boxercise, circuits and multi-skilled games to keep the children active and engaged. This one hour class is an addition to the school’s PE session which runs twice a week. In addition to the class tailored for pupils, PMB Fitness also deliver exercise classes to parents and teachers too. These also run on Tuesdays between 4-5pm for parents and 5-6pm for teachers. 

If you are Head of the PE department of Head of school and are interested in running PE sessions for the pupils age between 6-11, please contact us for more information. Perry Mussington, founder of PMB Fitness, will be more than happy to meet you and talk you through his initial ideas. We will work with you together to put the programme together and tailor any of the school’s needs. 

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