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Peak Mind and Body Fitness (PMB Fitness) is a mobile personal training company that has been operating in London since 2010. We focus on delivering a personalised fitness service to our clients whether it be at home, outdoors, the office or a private gym environment. We use various training methods such as bodyweight training, free weights, kettlebells, TRX, boxing and many more to get you feeling fitter, stronger and leaner! 


With a strong academic background in sport and exercise science, we have a greater understanding of health and fitness than what you would get from a trainer who has completed an 8-12 week certificate in fitness. We use evidenced based training and nutrition principles with the central aim of helping you to achieve your best results both physically and mentally. 


  1. Faster results

  2. Fat loss and muscle gain

  3. Injury prevention/rehab

  4. Overcome plateaus 

  5. Improve mental health

  6. Create healthy lifestyle habits

  7. More energy and better sleep 

  8. Reduce stress

  9. More accountability and motivation

  10. Full support along your fitness journey



Founder of PMB Fitness

My interest in health and fitness has spanned several fields including personal training, strength and conditioning, sports performance and youth sports development. I believe that fitness is a lifestyle choice, and being successful in reaching any health and fitness goal depends on your ability to create positive habits that form part of your everyday life.

This is why I try to make small, non life altering changes to your lifestyle to ensure you are making continued, sustainable progress without having to cut out things that you enjoy.


• 1st Class Honours Degree in Sport Science
• CYQ Level 3 Personal Trainer Award
• Coaching and Sports Development (FdSc)
• F.A Coaching Level 1
• UK Athletics Level 1
• Keiser Cycle (group indoor cycling)
• Circuit Training
• Padwork for PTs
• First Aid

• Tutor Training

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